Photo: Alice Chacon

Photo: Alice Chacon

"Densely dimensional, unpredictable, strangely graceful and wild, Alice Klock's dances are like elegant ribbons caught in hopelessly tangled knots. "

-Dance Magazine

Creation PHilosophy

My first step when choreographing is to find something I am fascinated by, something I would like to study, experience, or understand. My pieces always have an exploratory quality, each diving into new sets of rules, characters, forces, and outcomes. This coupled with my unique approach to physicality translates into a multilayered experience that always has an aspect of curiosity and storytelling at its core.

As a choreographer I feel that I have the responsibility (and honor) to shape and be the change I would like to see in the dance world. As such, it is my priority to create exemplary quality work with kindness, humanity, and an emphasis on the limitless beauty and possibility inherent within each person.





Photos: Ajja Photography and Sam Begich